Clean Green Products

We stock and can use premium non-hazardous cleaning products. We find that it offers the best finish to our cleaning methods, and love that it uses non-toxic plant based ingredients and they leave the most delightful natural aromas for you to return home to.


Flexible Cleaning Service

Offering a wide variety of services, which are very flexible and will work around your busy schedule, you can choose the hours, choose the frequency, choose the rooms and areas we clean, or simply leave us to get the job done.

We work in teams of 2 (or more) to offer you a fully capable cleaning service. We clean to your instructions and can clean to any frequency, from one off requests, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc. From 2 to 10 hours per visit. We can discuss the requirements with you and set up a cleaning schedule that will suit your needs.


Our hourly rates

Our hourly rate is £16.50 per (man) hour.

There is a minimum requirement of 2 (man) hours per visit, whether the frequency is weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

We require that one of our staff visit the property in question, to assess the cleaning requirements, prior to scheduling a date/s for the cleaning service to take place.