Have you just had the builders in? Have they left a mess?

We are here to help! Our competent cleaning team can get everything ‘ship shape’ ready for you to move back in allowing you to make use of that new space you’ve created.

We can do it it quickly, efficiently and affordable.


Construction Company Partnerships

We pride ourselves in creating solid working relationships and are able to offer competitive rates, up to 20% off to repeat business, give us a call to talk it over.

After builders cleaning prices for Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire

Studio flat £186.00 £234.00
1 bedroom house/flat £210.00 £246.00
2 bedroom flat/1 bathroom £246.00 £294.00
2 bedroom flat/2 bathroom £264.00 £306.00
2 bedroom house/1 bathroom £282.00 £342.00
2 bedroom house/2 bathroom £294.00 £366.00
3 bedroom flat/1 bathroom £312.00 £402.00
3 bedroom flat/2 bathroom £342.00 £438.00
3 bedroom house £408.00 £516.00
4 bedroom flat £432.00 £540.00
4 bedroom house £450.00 £570.00
5 bedroom flat £456.00 £576.00
5 bedroom house £588.00 £720.00


We may require that one of our staff visit the property in question to assess the cleaning requirements prior to scheduling a date(s) for the cleaning service to take place. The prices listed above are only a guide and may not reflect the final invoice. Though the final invoice amount will be agreed with you before the scheduled cleaning service begins.

For any property not mentioned above, prices will be agreed on negotiation.